Workshop Clean Up

Only complete this section if you are Self Hosting this workshop. If you are running this workshop at an AWS hosted event, such as re:Invent, Loft, Immersion Day, or any other event hosted by an AWS employee, you skip this section, as we will clean up everything for you.

1. Delete S3 objects in the workshop bucket

  1. Open the AWS CloudFormation Console and make sure you have View nested activated.

  2. Select the nested stack the begins with “aws-event-driven-architectures-workshop-EventBridge-” (note, that this might be different, if you changed the stack name when you created the workshop resources)

  3. Find the S3Bucket Logical ID under the Resources tab, and click on the link to open the Amazon S3 console for that bucket.

    Cloudformation Stack Details

  4. Select all the objects inside the bucket and delete them.

  5. Return to the CloudFormation Console.

2. Delete the AWS CloudFormation Stack

  1. Select the Master stack for the AWS Event-driven Architectures Workshop (turning nested view off makes this easier)

  2. Click the Delete button to delete the stack

    Cloudformation Stack Details

That’s it! All done.